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I always had a passion for marketing and sales. As my college roommates were partying, I spent my spare time networking. I would go to events with a business card that read “Your future top employee.”

On paper, I knew I had no business being in the room with some of the CEOs who surrounded me…heck, I couldn’t even legally drink. But I knew I wanted to build something, and the fastest way for me to do that was to learn. So that’s what I started doing— I started talking with as many entrepreneurs, creatives, builders, dreamers and doers as I could get in front of, and I just listened.

It didn’t strike me that I was entrepreneurial until much later. The signs were there pretty early on though. In college, I would sell shirts for various brands, volunteer to do social media for local bars, and connect businesses looking to reach college kids to fraternities and sororities. I didn’t do a lot of this for money, I just did it because I wanted to.

After graduating early, I took a job as the marketing person for a local lender. It wasn’t really a glamorous job; it mainly entailed running direct mail campaigns. Snooze. I left to try my hand at sales, and did so for about a year at a magazine exceeding every quota before ultimately deciding that print was facing impending doom (the writing was on the screen).

“By running a marketing department for a company
with over 100 locations I quickly learned
that marketing fell flat if the brand wasn’t
resonating with all the people it touched,
both inside the organization and outside of it.”

At that point, my old company started to expand and my CEO asked me to come back. I was reluctant to, but he believed in me, and I knew he would let me get a shot at running the department. So I did just that, I jumped in and cut my teeth…hard.

By running a marketing department for a company that had over 100 locations I quickly learned that marketing fell flat if the brand wasn’t resonating with all the people it touched, both inside the organization and outside of it. No matter how much money we would dump into campaigns, or how much data we would try to analyze, our efforts wouldn’t translate when customers and employees didn’t believe in the brand. We were looking for people to convert, without giving them a reason to connect.

Technology has done wonders for businesses. It’s given entrepreneurs opportunities that simply didn’t exist before, but it also shines a really bright light on companies. Successful, strategic companies use this to their advantage, while others fear that light because it will expose them for what they are at their core— naked and unorganized. Being authentic and consistent is not only necessary for success, it’s necessary for survival in the transparent marketplace technology has created.

That’s when I started my business. I saw entrepreneur after entrepreneur chasing down bright shiny marketing objects and dumping resources into ads and posts only to discover they weren’t attracting clients, and if they were, it wasn’t the type of clients they wanted to attract.

I help consultants, coaches, solopreneurs, and small businesses build magnetic brands that are powerful, consistent, and authentic. I work with entrepreneurs who are looking to build something bigger than themselves; people who want to create a positive impact with their work but are just a little stuck on how to go about doing it.

I have the great luxury of absolutely loving what I do and loving the people I work with. I firmly believe the only way to be successful is to help other people be successful. If you’re looking for the same, shoot me an email or give me a call. Even if we don’t end up working together, I always welcome the opportunity to meet people who are aspiring to make the world a better place by starting with their business.

Meet The LeDonne Team


Pamela Lewerenz
Operations Director


Helen Fickes
Client Account Strategist


Jessica Halvorsen
Client Account Strategist

Dayna Anderson

Dayna Anderson
Client Account Manager

Isabella Nucci

Isabella Nucci
Client Account Manager

Jessie Lovdal

Jessie Lovdal
Client Account Manager


Karen Eckstrom
Community & IT Manager 

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