Is your brand
holding your business

Chances are you started like most business owners

When you launched you did what you could with the resources you had. 
You got your website in place, your cards ordered, your space all set up
and then you switched the power button on and did what we all do…fought 
like hell to bring money in the door or rode the smooth wave of referrals.

And it’s worked out well for you. You’ve got years under your belt now 
and some battle scars (and maybe a few gray hairs) to show from your time spent
 in the start-up trenches. But here you are, older, wiser, and ready to make your business
and your brand scalable. It’s time to hit the next phase of growth.

Problem is, your “marketing stuff” is kind of all over the place and maybe a little out of date.

Even worse, whenever you move away from the front line of customer interactions or marketing decisions, nothing seems to be effective. You want to throw up your hands and say, “Just let me do it!”

Your employees don’t seem to get why you insist on doing things a certain way and you don’t seem to get why they can’t just do it your way. Seriously, what is that young marketing person in slippers and hand warmers even doing all day on social media? Just tweeting, and snapping, and updating— is that even working?

The problem is you’re trying to grow your brand without defining it. Your brand is just like any other function of your business. If there’s no defined process and system, you can’t ever expect it to grow bigger and more effective than you.

Building a powerful brand means building a clear and consistent brand. Building a clear and consistent brand means understanding exactly what your customers love about you, and then defining it. By defining it, you translate your passion for the business to your employees so they can deliver on it in every interaction with a customer. They are fully living the brand and are empowered to make decisions and take action in the best interest of the business.

Now, everyone is on the same page— you, your people, and your customers. This is the only way to scale your business without becoming a prisoner of it.

Stop being a prisoner of your business.
So where do you begin?

Well, you could go to a marketing agency and spend a bunch of money to create a big, fancy (read: expensive) brand. But often times, going to a marketing agency is like going to a mechanic. They tell you a bunch of stuff that’s wrong and you reluctantly agree and pay to get it fixed because what do you know really know about this stuff anyway? Then, you spend all of your time wondering if that’s what you actually needed and if you paid too much.

Here’s the thing, to fix anything, you need to know what’s broken in the first place. That’s EXTREMELY hard to do, arguably impossible, from the inside out. You just lack the unbiased lens to properly view your company.

That’s where a brand audit comes into play. You’ll learn exactly what parts of your brand are broken and why, so you’re empowered to hire a professional of your choice to fix it for a budget that’s comfortable for you. No more marketing buyer’s remorse.

That only happens to people who don’t know any better,
and you aren’t one of those people.

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