Get the necessary clarity you need to build a brand that compels people to buy from you

You’ve come to the conclusion that your branding and marketing efforts aren't working as well as you’d like them to. While you know that something is broken, you’re not exactly sure what it is and how to go about fixing it.

Getting an audit empowers you to learn exactly which parts of your brand are preventing people from doing business with you and why, so you can then hire a professional of your choice to fix it for a budget that’s comfortable for you.

When you sign up for a brand audit, you receive the following:

A 30-minute Brand Audit Introductory Call to review what your business does and who it serves

A detailed Brand Audit Report Card outlining the following:

  • Name of your company and logo— People usually shudder at the mention of changing their company’s name, but this is the biggest and most glaring part of your brand. So if that’s amiss, you’ve got a major problem. You’ll learn if your company’s name is helping or hurting you.
  • Tagline assessment— How easily does your tagline explain what value you deliver?
  • Colors— Do you have a consistent use of color, and are those colors conveying the proper feelings and emotions you want your brand to emulate?
  • Font selection— How many do you use? Are the sizes effective?
  • Voice and Tone— Is your brand a bit bipolar? How strong is your company’s personality and how are people perceiving it?
  • Imagery/Multimedia usage— You know the saying, a picture speaks a thousand words, and a video speaks a million. (Ok, so we made that last part up.) People are programmed to look at visuals first, so if yours aren’t acting in the best interest of your brand, you need to know.
  • Your Messaging and Positioning— What space does your brand currently occupy in the mind of consumers? How do people view you in relationship to your competitors?

A 30-minute Brand Audit Review Call to review the report and recommendations and ask any questions you may have.

Brand Audit Investment: $647

What our customers are saying about their audit results...


After walking through the audit, we were able to get really clear on our brand voice and personality. Just switching this one thing greatly increased our Facebook organic post reach. We used to reach an average of 200 of our 7,000 fans. Now we see an average post reach of 1,500 and have nearly 10,000 fans. We also started to use fonts more consistently; our brand looks way more professional and the numbers prove it.

Tony Scotto, Owner


THB Bagels and Deli


By having Kait audit our brand, we were able to identify breakdowns of what wasn't working. This included understanding the difference between marketing and BD, how implementing a CRM could make our brand more powerful, and how to truly brand authentically from the inside out; we learned how to empower our people to be brand ambassadors. The audit helped us rebrand the firm to highlight and assert our cutting-edge thinking and client-focused approach.

Money Back Guarantee

We understand that as a small business, every investment you make is important. That’s why we have a money back guarantee. If, after receiving the audit, you genuinely don’t feel like you got actionable takeaway’s, we will gladly refund your full investment…no questions asked.

…Ok, we lied. We’ll ask you why you weren’t satisfied and how we can improve, but seriously, after that, no more questions!

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