4 Big Steps to Take to Get Paid to Speak

Earlier this week I announced that I’d be traveling to Deep Creek Lake, MD to speak about social media and branding at Garrett College for …


Why Your Countless Years Of Experience,
Degrees, & Professional Certifications
Mean Nothing Without This

If you follow my posts, you know that I’m one for pretty outlandish blog titles. Hey, it works— and before you write this blog off …


How to Earn INSTANT Loyalty from Your

This week we’re going to learn an incredibly valuable (and proven) way to convert your new customers into INSTANT fans and brand ambassadors. BONUS: Using …


Why You Want People To Dislike Your Brand

Yes, you read that right. No, it isn’t some catchy title designed to lure you in only to then tell you that actually, yes, you …


Why Your Parents Will Never Be Happy That You’re An Entrepreneur

Ok, that title is a little bit of a stretch and certainly a huge generalization. Of course, at some point in time your parents will …

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