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How to truly become a person of value

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As I sit down to write this article, I find myself a bit hesitant. Of all the consultations, workshops, and group coaching I lead, a good 95{b70789d127c08e430ee622ef228f970cb02a448e08788bca70e3c33c285e2b6e} of them can easily boil down to this one fundamental concept.

So, why am I putting it out there? Admittedly, the whole “giving the milk away for free” thing came up, but I’m choosing to set that to the side, because I know what I’m about to say can make a difference for you and anyone else who may read. And that’s what matters to me.

The fundamental concept

When people reach out to me to audit their social media, they are usually frustrated because they feel they are putting out a ton of content while seeing very little return.

I get it. Social media can feel incredibly overwhelming. It can seem like an energy-sucking endeavor, and for what? A few likes and comments?

If you find yourself feeling this way about your social strategy, all the content in the world isn’t going to help you.

No, content is not the answer, context is the answer.

Why does context matter?

The default way of being for most humans is to be self-centered. It’s important to distinguish that I didn’t say, “The default way of being for most humans is to be selfish.” That is not what I’m asserting here. But, if we are being really honest, we can take a close look and admit that we live in the world from the lens of what is going on with us.

Even if we are helping others—our friends, our family members, our clients—we are doing so because they matter to us.

Once we can get straight with ourselves and acknowledge that we are designed to process the world from the context of “Why does this matter to me?” we can step outside ourselves and choose a different approach—“Why does this matter to you? What matters to them?”

When we listen, hear, and speak from that angle–that rare perspective of really getting another human’s motivations, story, and desires– we are free to bring real value and solutions to people.

Why this matters for social media

If you dedicate your social media as a way to educate and inspire your audience with content that will make a real difference in your readers’ lives, you’ll begin to realize the true power of the platform.

It is an impactful tool to drive business to you.

I love this quote, and I think it does a brilliant job at illustrating this very point:

“The goal is not to be successful. The goal is to be valuable. Once you’re valuable, instead of chasing success, it will attract itself to you.” –Source Unknown

Comments and likes will begin to shift into offline conversations where the value you offer makes an impact.

How to incorporate this into your social strategy

When posting to social media, whether it is for personal reasons or for business reasons, keep in mind that no one reading lives your life, is in your profession, or has quite the experience you’ve had.


But I think we often forget this. We post from the perspective of everyone has traveled down our path, and will understand what we are about to say. Because of that, we assume people will know why we are sharing certain things.

Our job is not to share or to produce content; our job is use our unique experience and skill-sets to translate a message that will educate, motivate, or inspire the reader.

The question shifts from, “What can I share?” to “Why will the reader care about what I’m about to post?”

Really. What matters to them? What lights them up? Does the article, picture, or sentiment you’re about to share speak to that?

If it doesn’t, go back, and get really intentional with your messaging.

Set the stage for why you are sharing this and why you think they should care about it. As evident as it may seem, readers won’t “get” what you’re putting out there unless you preface it.

Notice the difference between these two posts:


Which one would you read?

Become a person of true value

I challenge you to consider context when posting to social media. I challenge you to extend this into your personal social media posts as well.

Too often, social media is scorned as a place for mindless chatter and pontification. What if, instead, social media was the way that we could really contribute to people in our lives? What if it was an extension of us showing up as a better friend, a better spouse, a better daughter or mother?

Extreme of a perspective as it may be, there is an opportunity to shift that perception of social media; and along with that, it is our privilege that we have tools that allow us to have such an impact on the lives of others.

How are you using your impact?


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