Month: February 2017

Is technology killing professionalism?

It’s an intense question, but one I hadn’t even considered until a couple weeks ago. Let me start by giving some context here. I was in the middle of booking a branding and social media engagement with a high-end real estate firm. My assistant was tasked with scheduling the appointment, and during the communication it […]

The Good. The Bad. The Client Feedback.

For any of you who have sat on a call with a customer service rep, you’ve probably had at least one experience where a pleasant automated voice asks you to remain on the line after for a few questions about the company’s quality of service. While I typically never stay on the line to do […]

How I Learned to Attract A+ Clients

There are a lot of answers to the question, “How do you know you made it in business?” Of course, all of them are subjective. However, I’ve found one that seems to be the most consistent when asking entrepreneurs what business success looks like: “To attract clients I enjoy working with and to work with […]