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4 Reasons Why Branding Your Personal Facebook Page is Crucial to Growing Your Business

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There’s no doubt that my personal LinkedIn page is one of the most powerful lead-generation tools for my business. It single-handedly contributes to prospects consistently calling me COLD and it is THE tool that expanded my business internationally.

However, it’s a common misnomer that your LinkedIn profile is the ONLY place you should brand yourself if you’re a consultant or B2B sales professional. Your personal Facebook profile can be equally, if not, even more lucrative, than LinkedIn.

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1. The rules of the game have changed.

There used to be a strong distinction that Facebook was for your personal life and LinkedIn was for business. This simply isn’t the case anymore. As all generations have joined Facebook and spend their time there more than any other social media networking site, consumers have come to EXPECT making business decisions through Facebook– that’s for product-based businesses AND service-based businesses.

This is especially powerful for those of you B2B sales folks who target business owners who have B2C or product-based companies. Business owners with B2C companies and product-based companies don’t spend much time on LinkedIn. They don’t need to; their clients aren’t there. However, you can be SURE B2C and product-based business owners are on Facebook. After all, that’s where their companies make money and that’s where their life happens. Build genuine relationships with them on Facebook if you sell to these people.

2. Building Authenticity

The key to having a strong brand that excites and attracts prospects is when you’re authentic. Nothing genuinely exudes your excitement for your business more than when it’s splashed across your personal Facebook page. Your personal Facebook page is the best space to display what you care about in life and what kind of personality you have. If you’re passionate about your business, it’s almost odd if you don’t make mention of it in your day-to-day life. We all talk about our work in offline conversations; why wouldn’t you in an online environment?

Hint: If your business doesn’t light you up so much that you WANT to talk about it on your personal Facebook page, then you need to find a new business.

3. Facebook Groups are one of the best places to fish for new connections.

Holy moly. This is the most underutilized lead-generation tool in the world.

There is a Facebook group for EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING.

Whiskey-drinkers? Yes.

New moms? Yes.

Lawyers in Texas? Yes.

Facebook groups are basically a huge universe of prospect pools with active and passionate members; and the only way to enter them and network is with a personal Facebook page.

So, find groups with your prospects, join and start good conversations, and then make sure your Facebook page is personally branded so when they check you out they immediately understand what it is you do and how you can help them.

4. Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm will curate an audience that is ready to buy from you.

Here’s the best thing about Facebook. People will unfollow you. Yes, this is good news despite how much it can initially sting when you find out someone has.

The reason you want people to unfollow you is because you’ll probably never build meaningful connections with those people anyway, and they’re certainly not going to buy from you. The second they unfollow you, you free up wasted attention and your audience gets hyper concentrated to those who ARE interested in what you’re saying.

Conversely, every time someone likes one of your personal posts, Facebook notes it and serves up more of your posts to them. And your personal page gets promoted way more than your business page. (Algorithms favor the reach of personal pages and restrict the reach of business pages. Use this to your advantage and brand your personal page.)

This is beautiful. Imagine 15 years ago someone saying, “Hey, there’s this tool, and every time you post, people who have no interest in buying from you remove themselves, and people who really like you get more of you.”

That was every advertiser’s dream. So get excited about it!

Now, that you understand WHY it’s crucial to brand your personal Facebook page, mark your calendars for next Thursday where I will post the 4 Easy Ways to Brand Your Facebook Page to Grow Your Business in 1 Hour.

No joke. This post was actually inspired by a branding consultation I recently did. Within 15 minutes of my clients making these 4 easy changes, her phone blew up and she received grant and donation offers to her childcare business. This is before we even started with her content strategy!

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Watch it here:

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After reading/watching, comment below and let me know how you’re leveraging Facebook to grow your business.

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