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How to build a business with a website that takes 10 minutes to make

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As many of you know, last week I launched the new and improved version of my website!

This project was truly a labor of love, and was the result of about 7 months of meticulously planning out photo shoots, video shoots, video scripts, lead pages, sales funnels, ebook writing, testimonial gathering, site architecture, etc.

Heck, I even went out and purchased coffee mugs that matched my exact brand colors (a brand is built in the details)!

So, after all of this intense focus and carefully crafted site strategy, why in the world am I sharing a post about how to build a business with a website you can make in 10 minutes?

Well, because for the first 8 months of my business, that’s exactly what I did. I built a business with a simple landing page that captured email addresses. And it worked…beautifully. It allowed me to built a great email list while simultaneously building out version 2.0 of my website.

While my online “storefront” wasn’t the fanciest, it had 3 key elements working for it:

  1. A clear brand message— For months, the only thing on my website was a black background with white wording that simply said, “Create a business and a brand that people love.” (Hey, that’s what I help people do.)
  2. An email capture form— Below that very large and simple message was a form that read “To get branding tips straight to your inbox, sign up here.”
  3. A blog— Where I would share my proprietary content and create value for my audience.

And it worked! Last week, I went live on Facebook to share EXACTLY how I set these 3 things up to generate over 300 subscribers and have a web presence in 10 minutes.

You can see the recording below (live casting allows people to interact, hence the spontaneous salutations…)



Now, what I didn’t say in the video and this is CRITICAL to understanding why these 3 key things worked together so beautifully in helping me generate quality leads. Here’s the BIG WHY:


No website will convert nearly as well as you hope if you don’t pair it with offline relationship building.


Last week I was in a meeting, and the CEO of a commercial construction company asked me the following:

“So if you’re finding so much success with online tools, does that mean that traditional BD is dead?”

NO WAY! In fact, the reason I had so much success with my online strategy is because I fed it with offline activity.

For me, that activity is primarily speaking engagements. I’ve been booking them for years now and part of my value-add speaking strategy is to leave the audience with tactical guides on how to implement concepts I discuss. These speaking engagements gave me the necessary platform to increase traffic to my website and capture *INTERESTED* parties’ information.

Same deal with networking events. When I network, I strive to give, give, give before I ask. If you attend networking events with the genuine intention to provide as much value to a person you’re in conversation with, they will have no problem checking out your site and sharing their information with you. Keyword there being genuine. People have a nose for ulterior motives. Don’t show up for yourself; show up for others.

If you’re stuck in a state of analysis paralysis about starting your business, I hope this post encourages you to take action.

You can learn and refine as you go.

If I built my website before starting my business, it would have been a big fat fail. I wouldn’t have the necessary learning lessons I gained from 8 months in the trenches to shape and refine my company’s vision.

Too many people let perfectionism get in the way of taking action…and I say this as a Type A who admittedly has some control issues. (I’m working through ’em, ok?)

Don’t get hung up if you’re just starting out. Put yourself out there, build relationships, and let your vision guide you without letting it prohibit you. 

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