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4 Big Steps to Take to Get Paid to Speak

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Earlier this week I announced that I’d be traveling to Deep Creek Lake, MD to speak about social media and branding at Garrett College for the Power of Possibility Spring Summit.

I’m incredibly excited for this opportunity because I hear there will be some AMAZING entrepreneurs in attendance who are doing big things in organic farming, health foods, and the yoga/healing space.

I let my LinkedIn followers know that throughout the course of the week, I’d be sharing tips from the talk on here; so in case you can’t attend in person, you can still get some great value bombs from my PR leading up to it.

When I thought about what I could share with you, I decided not to share tips from the talk, but instead to start by sharing how I even get paid speaking engagements in the first place.


Many of you who are consultants, authors, instructors, coaches, etc. are already speaking, and while that’s great, hear this…



Speaking, like any activity in your business, should 100{b70789d127c08e430ee622ef228f970cb02a448e08788bca70e3c33c285e2b6e} be generating income for you. Whether it’s short term income (a speaker’s fee), longer term income (an audience full of qualified prospects), or both, if you are speaking you need to convert that energy and time into MONEY.

Earlier today, I went live on Facebook to very candidly share with over 500 people how I started landing these opportunities in the first place, and what you can do to book them and CAPITALIZE on them as best as possible.

Here’s the recording with a synopsis of the 4 steps below: 

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  1. Position yourself as a speaker (both internally and externally)
  2. Target people and associations who can help you book paid opportunities (look for people who are already doing it)
  3. Build momentum before, during, and after the event. The effectiveness of speaking events are 10{b70789d127c08e430ee622ef228f970cb02a448e08788bca70e3c33c285e2b6e} what you say at the event and 90{b70789d127c08e430ee622ef228f970cb02a448e08788bca70e3c33c285e2b6e} how you say it and then leverage the talk to build business.
  4. Build a checklist for yourself of MUST HAVE criteria for your speaking gigs. If the event organizers don’t have budget, press, or a great audience, don’t waste your one non renewable resource (TIME) going there!

After you watch, I’m curious to hear how you got into public speaking, or what specific struggles you’re encountering in landing the paid opportunities. COMMENT BELOW!

Also, as a follow up, if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to give you tips like how to get free PR for your small business, click here to get a FREE copy of The Attraction Magnet, a guide I wrote to share 7 key steps the biggest brands in the world use to get diehard followings and dream clients.

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